Q1- what is the use of Scale inhibitors and Antiscalants for Ro units?

A1- Ro Scale inhibitors and Antiscalants are used to reduce scale formation and fouling in membrane system

Q2- what is the Ro membrane cleaners?

A2- Membrane cleaners are used to remove the foulants in the Ro system. It could be acids to remove mineral Scales and metal Hydroxide deposits or alkaline to remove the biological slim, silts and organic matter.

Q3- what is the Ro biocides?

A3- Ro Biocides are used to remove the microbiological fouling in the Ro system

Q4- what are the Cogolants?

A4- Cogolants are normally used as filter aids to improve the filtration efficiency in order to reduce the SDI (Slit Density Index) to an acceptable limit. Normally SDI need to be less than 5 for spiral wound Ro system and less than 3 for hollow fiber Ro system.