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sugar beet

The two main components of sugar beet yield are the weight and sugar content of the beet roots and the combination of high yield of roots and high sugar content will give the highest yield value in the sugar factory.
In this program presented by Magico Group, the company’s products of fertilizers and pesticides will help us to reach the highest productivity and the best value for the crop.

مراحل تكوين الاوراق الحقيقيه

( بعد الخف )


مرحلة تكوين المجموع الخضري

(من عمر 45 – 90 يوم)

مرحلة صب الجذور

(من عمر 90- 120 يوم)


pre-harvest stage

120 d – one month

before harvest

ماجيك فيرت




ماجيك فيرت هاي بي

ماجيك فيد


زينو فيرت

ماجيك كلوب

ماجيك ميكس



ماجيك كلوب

ماجيك ميكس



الافات الحشريه

الدودة القارضه

دودة ورق القطن – الدودة الخضراءذبابه اوراق البنجر خنفساء البنجر السلحفائيه

ماجيك فوس (طعم سام)


ماجيك فوس

1 لتر/ فدانماجيك فوس1 لتر/ فدانماجيك سمارت

150سم3 / فدان

ماجيك سمارت

160سم3/ فدانماجيك ميك40سم3/ 100لتر ماءماجيك فوس

1 لتر/ فدان


توما جارد


75جم/ 100لتر ماء


الامراض الفطريه

تبقع الاوراق السركسبوري

البياض الدقيقي

ماتكو جولد

250 جم/ 100لتر ماء



15 سم3/100 لتر ماء


150 جم/ 100لتر ماء


Important points in fertilizing and caring for beets:

– Do not add manure fertilizers when preparing for the cultivation of the beet crop, because it affects the increase in vegetative growth and delays maturation with a decrease in the percentage of sugar.
– Nitrogen fertilizer is added from 60-80 kg of nitrogen per feddan. It is preferable to add it in two batches, the first after slipping and before irrigation, and the second after about 3-4 weeks. In sandy and newly reclaimed lands, it is necessary to increase the dose of nitrogen fertilizer to 100 kg. The increase is added with the addition of foliar fertilizers at the stage of vegetative formation and the stage of pouring the roots. An increase in the sugar percentage was observed when symptoms of nitrogen deficiency appeared on the plant in the last month before harvest.
– Phosphate fertilizer: 100-200 kg super phosphate 15% per feddan to be added as the land is prepared for planting. It is important to add phosphorous to beets in all stages of growth until the pre- arvest stage with foliar fertilizer.
– Potassium fertilizer: 50 kg potassium sulfate is added in new lands that have a lack of potassium and added with the first batch of nitrogen fertilizer. Potassium should be added with foliar fertilizers in cases of potassium deficiency symptoms appearing on the plant.

– To obtain a good crop, when the beet reaches the age of 90-100 days, it is necessary to prevent the use of potassium or nitrogen (as a single fertilizer) for beets, because nitrogen works to increase the throne “vegetative total” instead of size and head formation, while potassium works to crystallize sucrose when analyzing sugar percentage In beets, the sugar percentage is not real, and thus the price of the crop decreases. Pay attention to spraying Magic Mix fertilizer to increase photosynthesis and preserve the vegetative group from the period of formation of the egetative group until about a month before harvest. As well as Magic Club fertilizer, which supplies the plant with calcium and boron at the stage of roots formation.
– The sugar beet crop is voracious for the element boron, and its deficiency leads to the emergence of black heart rot disease. The addition of the boron element increases the sugar percentage, as it contributes to accelerating the ransfer of sucrose to the roots. Therefore,adding the boron element in the form of foliar fertilizer increases the sugar percentage. Boron is used regularly starting from the stage of pouring the roots until a month before the harvest.